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Reinforced surveillance officer

Our team of Category D Enhanced Surveillance Officers is made up of highly qualified professionals trained to provide enhanced protection in high-risk environments. Working in pairs, they are qualified to use defensive equipment such as defensive batons or tear gas generators with a capacity of less than 100ml to guarantee your safety.

Versatile and specialised expertise:

Our ASRA – Category D agents are specialised in the security of sensitive industrial sites, banking establishments and high-risk events. Their deterrent presence and intervention skills enable them to prevent malicious acts and respond effectively to emergency situations.

Enhanced security and proactive intervention :

By using our services for this qualification, you benefit from enhanced security and peace of mind. Our ASRA – Category D agents are trained to react quickly and take the necessary measures to protect you.

Trust and professionalism:

At Elite Sécurité, we make it a point of honour to select and train our ASRA – Category D agents according to strict criteria of professionalism and ethics. We guarantee you a reliable, competent security team dedicated to your protection. In order to be as efficient as possible, all our agents who hold a card authorising them to carry out armed activities undergo regular annual training. At the same time, every 5 years, these agents must undergo a compulsory training course to maintain and update their skills in order to renew their professional card. Our Enhanced Surveillance Agent services are strictly reserved for missions authorised by the Prefect for surveillance and guarding.

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