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Driving licence :
Diplomas :

Security guards and dog handlers


Necessary qualities:

▶︎ Uncompromising honesty: The security guard has total integrity. He or she is responsible for the place he or she is guarding and devotes himself or herself entirely to this task.

▶︎ Keeping calm: A security guard must have good self-control and keep his cool in any situation: theft, fire, attack,

▶︎ Be vigilant: The security guard must be attentive and preventive to the smallest detail and know how to spot suspicious changes.

▶︎ Know the equipment: The security guard must have a basic knowledge of the various alarm and surveillance equipment (video screen, alarm,..).

▶︎ Master the basics of first aid: It is necessary to know the basic rules of first aid and the handling of the first means of fire-fighting.

▶︎ Have good stamina: A security guard spends a large part of his day on his feet. They must also be able to adapt to shifting hours: at night or at weekends.

The mandatory prerequisite:

▶︎ No one can improvise themselves as a security guard…
Since 19 June 2008, the date of the decree approving a professional qualification certificate in application of article 1 of decree no. 2005-1122 of 6 September 2005 relating to the professional aptitude of persons exercising an activity of surveillance and guarding, cash in transit and physical protection of persons, to become a security agent it is necessary to have a professional qualification certificate called “Agent de Prévention et de Sécurité”: C.Q.P.A.P.S.

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