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Dog handler

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Security Dog Officer

The role of the security dog agent is to form a real “Man/Dog” team that knows how to optimise the acquired and natural qualities of the dog.

Their mission is to ensure the protection of people and property in a given geographical area by carrying out surveillance rounds (car parks, commercial sites, etc.).

The combined qualities of the security guard and his dog form a real man-dog partnership.

Prevention, thanks to the presence of the agent-dog pair, increases your security, particularly in the event of a conflict situation.
The dog detects elements that the agent would not be able to perceive while ensuring the protection of the latter.

In the event of an intervention in a hostile environment, the dog can be sent on reconnaissance

The missions

Prevention and security
  • Access control
  • Accompanying company personnel in sensitive areas
  • Protection of the victim and securing the area
  • Surveillance of large public areas (car park, railway station, industrial zone)
  • Surveillance of fixed points in case of works (banks, building sites)
  • Securing the premises after an intrusion (protective measures)
  • Special events (concerts, sports events, exhibitions)

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