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Private security 3.0

As new technologies continue to develop and improve, private security is not immune to its own technological revolution. Whether it is for securing industrial or commercial buildings, homes, the protection of people and property or operational management tools, equipment and technologies are constantly progressing and many other innovations are expected in the coming years. Our company wishes to provide you with our human know-how combined with technological tools ensuring an increased and optimal quality of security.

New Technologies :

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The electronic handrail :

A real work tool for the security guard, it allows him to record any event, follow rounds, manage visitors or send reports.

Gone are the days of the old paper handrail, which is never consulted and often incorrectly filled in. With the electronic handrail, we configure with you what our security guard should enter according to your needs. Thanks to this connected tool, you will be able to consult what the security guard has observed/realised from your computer whether you are in the office, at home or on the move.

Secured and certified, the electronic handrail is recognised as evidence in court.

drone de surveillance

Security Drone :

A real strategic tool for private security companies, the security drone is still in its infancy in the security field. Its use, still limited by regulations that are constantly evolving, suggests future uses for the security drone, which will become indispensable in a few years.

Whether it is during a concert, a festival, a factory, a private domain, interventions on alarms, the applications of the security drone will be multiple.

Currently we have the capacity to set up autonomous security drones that can carry out aerial security rounds on your company or your property. The drone takes off in the event of an alarm or by the activation of a security guard. It carries out a predefined round (several rounds are possible) with an image retransmission. The security guard at the control station can take control of the camera and direct it to suspicious areas.

The drone returns to its station automatically, charges and remains on standby until the next round.

*The installation of an automatic drone is done in compliance with the law and regulations. A declaration to the CNIL is mandatory in case of registration.

We are currently in the process of training several security guards in drone piloting. The drone telepilot security guards will be able to intervene during the security of factories, private property, festivals or concerts. They provide an overall view from a height, allowing early detection of intrusion, dangerous areas, fire and malicious acts.

Today’s drones offer several types of vision: 4K, 4K ultra, night vision, thermal, infrared.

camera - vidéosurveillance

On-board cameras :

Still forbidden by regulation for private security companies. Elite SÉCURITÉ is committed to changing the regulations concerning its use.

A real protection tool for our agents and the public, the use of on-board cameras would considerably reduce conflict situations. Its image recording, completed by image management software (already in existence), would provide an additional element of proof while respecting privacy, the law and the regulations.

Aware that new technologies must be regulated and supervised for a reasonable and efficient use, we are waiting for the laws to evolve, but we are convinced that in the next few years its integration in private security will further professionalise our profession.

With this in mind, we have chosen to communicate and exchange with professionals and players in the field of security, onboard cameras and image processing. We are already in contact with companies and organisations such as AXON, MILIPOL, CNIL etc. ….

We are already prepared for the day when on-board cameras are authorised in the field of private security, we will be able to equip our agents quickly.

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