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Drone de sécurité

Security and surveillance drone

The drone proves more and more its efficiency in security.

This device has become a complementary tool for security agents to gather more accurate information.

Elite SÉCURITÉ invests in this new technology to complement the work of the security agent.

Our pilots are approved by the DGAC (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) and have a declaration of competence in inspection and security, and are covered by professional insurance.

The mission will be declared to the Prefecture where the location of our service depends in order to have all the necessary authorizations.

We take care of the whole administrative file.


The missions we offer are essentially surveillance and inspection missions, with or without a security agent.

A targeted or global surveillance, on sites of all natures:

  • Sporting event
  • Concert, Festival, Fair
  • Event day
  • Private domain
  • Industrial site, construction site

The event is also a mission for the drone that can monitor the control of access and flow of people.

More technical rounds with our drones are also possible as inspections of roofs, buildings under construction, etc..

Our services are complete, we provide the customer with photos or videos according to the requests.

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Mobile unit of interventions on alarm 24 hours a day – Active rounds of security – Security – Guarding – Fire safety – Cynophile unit

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