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Mobile Response Unit

Unité mobile d'intervention
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Watch / intervene / alert / report

Our Mobile Intervention Unit offers alarm intervention services, active security rounds and deterrence, as well as site opening and closing.

Our responders are human/dog pairs. They intervene with NISSAN Juke vehicles identified with the company’s name.

They are quickly identifiable thanks to their security uniforms, and carry out their missions with quality equipment including: a tactical intervention backpack, a bulletproof vest, a mobile electronic handrail, a geolocation system with PTI function (Position of the Isolated Worker anti-aggression).

Our intervention vehicles are geolocated in real time. They are equipped with a fire extinguisher and a complete first aid bag. A secure location is provided for the means of access necessary for the performance of services, which is reinforced by the anti-intrusion alarm system integrated into our vehicles.

Deterrence rounds

On board Elite SÉCURITÉ vehicles, mobile security units carry out patrols under the control of the Operational Security Centres (COS). Organised randomly, according to your needs, the patrols allow you to secure your site at an optimised cost.

These patrols can be coupled with verification circuits inside your premises. In order to guarantee our work, the rounds are carried out under the control of an electronic round controller. A detailed computer report of the rounds will be sent to you at the beginning of each month.

For limited geographical areas or groups of sites (industrial zones, housing estates, municipalities), you can call on human and material resources that are dedicated to you. Our agents’ perfect knowledge of your area and the risks associated with it makes our services even more effective.

In order to guarantee our work, the rounds are carried out under the control of an electronic round controller “GUARDTECK” geolocated in real time. A detailed computer report of the rounds will be sent to you at the beginning of each month.

Securing your sites

Mobile security units provide opening, closing and verification circuits in all types of premises (offices, warehouses, car parks).

The services can be customised to your site: closing and opening doors, switching off lighting sources, checking alarm systems, but also detecting anomalies or technical faults.

Intervention on alarm

As soon as your alarm is received and according to the instructions you have given it, your remote monitoring station can decide to trigger an intervention. Our operator will be contacted immediately and will go to your home or premises as soon as possible.

As soon as he arrives, the intervention unit will apply your instructions and place the site under security by carrying out a doubt removal: he will first carry out an external round with a physical check of all accessible exits and, according to your instructions, he will then carry out a round inside your home or your premises. The intervention is a deterrent and limits the damage in the event of a disaster. It also prevents the installation of squatters.

You are equipped with an alarm system, connected or not to a remote monitoring station.

After subscribing to our contract of Intervention on Intrusion Alarm, you benefit from our know-how and so that you know how it happens, here are the steps of an intervention on intrusion alarm:

  • Triggering of an intrusion alarm: in your absence, an intrusion attempt.
  • Triggering of your alarm which alerts your remote monitoring centre.
  • The remote monitoring station alerts Elite SÉCURITÉ.
  • Arrival of Elite SÉCURITÉ on site. Complete tour of the site with physical verification of all accessible exits.
  • Alert the police or gendarmerie
  • Contact the remote surveillance officer to report the findings and wait for his instructions.
  • Implementation of protective measures until the arrival of the client/persons designated by the client.
  • Implementation of this instruction: guarding, for example
  • Drawing up a detailed report on the intervention
  • Write a complete and detailed intervention order.
  • Contact the remote surveillance officer to report the findings.
  • Deposit the intervention order in your mailbox

Do not hesitate to give us this information, we will set up deterrent rounds to secure your home during your absence.

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